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NCJW Utah Section's service program brings together Jewish and Muslim volunteers to help the broader community at Christmas time.

Eileen Hallet Stone’s active volunteer efforts as a member of  the Utah section of The National Council of Jewish Women founded The Shalom Salaam Tikkun-Olam (SSTO) program. The program began as an annual NCJW Utah members project as a way to give the St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen staff the day off on Christmas.

2021 SSTO Project

Shalom Salaam Tikkun-Olam Community Service Program

Your tax-deductible contribution is critical to our success.

In an environment strained by the Covid, SSTO adheres to CDC safety guidelines to protect all who receive and all who give. In the spirit of tzedakah, we need your help with donations of goods and funds. Together, we can accomplish much:

  1. At-Risk Students: With your aid, SSTO will provide West High School’s Family Resource Center (FRC) with new student/family clothing, hygiene kits and gift cards. Instead of volunteers going into homes, students will safely shop at West’s FRC.  For more information, please contact Carla Cantor at or Sue Corth at
  2. Domestic violence victims, their children and homebound elders: Your donations will help SSTO address the needs of South Valley Services’ Emergency Shelter and the Utah Food Bank which serves meals to many homebound elders. For more information, contact Missy Dawson at
  3. Welcoming our new Afghan neighbors: Multiple hundreds of Afghan refugees will be making their home in Utah in 2021-2022. Community groups and resettlement agencies are helping these new arrivals from the war-torn country. Let’s do our part! Catholic Community Services (CCS) has a list of basic needs from new cookware, cutlery, coffee makers and kettles to bedsheets, car seats and winter wear. With your aid, we’ll be able to purchase such necessities in bulk to outfit 20 apartments for the newly resettled families. For information, contact Eileen Hallet Stone at or Deborah Milan-Niler at

What is NCJW Utah SSTO?

Spearheaded by NCJW Utah, we are celebrating 30 years of service to others less fortunate in our community. Asked to keep St. Vincent de Paul’s soup kitchen open during Christmas, we prepared Surki Tannenbaum’s famous meatloaf for sit-down dining, offered warm clothing, put on a holiday party for 250 low income/homeless children, and delivered meals to some 450 homebound elders. When this program inspired other organizations to take it on, we focused on the needs of Utah’s emerging refugee student and immigrant/family population. In 2011 our renamed Shalom, Salaam, Tikkun-Olam (SSTO) received the National NCJW “Vision for America Showcase Award.”

Who Are We Helping?

Serving at-risk populations, NCJW SSTO reinforces education encouraging refugee and immigrant students to stay in school. Prior to the pandemic, we welcomed West High School’s student/refugee families (680 individuals) from Bosnia, Congo, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan, Myanmar, Somalia and Bhutan. During winter break, West High students, teachers, the JCC kids’ Club J, Westminster College’s Global Peace and Spirituality Center, and volunteers from Utah’s Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities gathered donations, assembled, packaged and delivered foods, clothing, household products, and gift cards to students in their homes. SSTO also continued to address the loneliness of homebound elders (550-600 individuals) by delivering light lunch/gift baskets and conversation. Our goals remain; our delivery is different in these current times.

Variety of NCJW Utah images
Variety of NCJW Utah images