Message from the President

From NCJW Utah Section President, Eileen Hallet Stone

If you are reading this, we are definitely live, on-line and reporting from our new NCJW Utah Section website — – where membership is up, volunteerism is exuberant, social delights have brought down the house, non-partisan issues are right up our alley, and blogs are plentiful and inviting.

Our members – you – represent a diverse fusion of social and professional experiences, including the business world, education, social services, politics, media, philanthropy and mission-related efforts who work to make our section healthy, productive and viable.

This is also exactly what National NCJW will be promoting soon in their new “Profile of a Strong, Healthy Section.” So, welcome on board. Please peruse the website, join the blog, let us know how we’re doing, how to make it work better for you. Flood us with critiques and news related to our “mission” – and continue to stay involved.

Next time we meet, there’ll be much to talk about:

New board members.

New ideas.

New directions.

Participation in the Washington Institute Conference.

“Esther’s Circle,” A legacy group reaffirming Esther’s challenge: The Time for Equity and Justice is Now.”


Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice

Until every person has the power to make their own informed decisions about their body, sexuality, and future, our work is not over.


Federal Courts

Courts Matter. The judges confirmed to lifetime seats on federal courts, including the US Supreme Court, make the decisions that shape our nation.


Civic Engagement

Our vote is our voice.



Speaking out for women’s empowerment, gender equality, and strengthening Israeli civil society.