Our work has shifted over the last century in response to the most pressing challenges facing not only Jewish women but all vulnerable women, children, and families. 

Kitty Kaplan Memorial Lecture Series:

Building Bridges

The National Council of Jewish Women was founded in 1893 with a profound commitment to improving the quality of life for women, children and families. Kitty Kaplan exemplified the true mission of NCJW and Tikkun-Olam: “To repair the world” by her unwavering commitment to social action and social justice for people.  Kitty was selfless with humanitarian acts of kindness.

NCJW Utah Kitty Kaplan Memorial Lecture Series: Building Bridges is a call to action that:


Educates, informs, and inspires our Utah community to work with groundbreaking leaders who are using new and innovative approaches to expanding justice, equity and human rights. 

Kitty Kaplan
NCJW Utah Section Kitty Kaplan Memorial Lecture Series: Building Bridges, steeped in the ethics of National Council of Jewish Women, honors Kitty’s sterling dedication to others and offers us a chance to continue to “listen, talk, learn and hopefully do.”

From Utah’s National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) co-presidency to the former president of the Women’s State Legislative Council of Utah (WSLC), Kitty was bestowed the McGillis School Visionary Award. She was an I.J. & Jeanne Wagner Jewish Community Center board member, NCJW State Policy Chair, the recent director of the Health and Human Services Legislative Study, and co-founder of the nationally recognized Shalom Salaam Tikkun-Olam Christmas project for some 1400 local refugees, homebound senior citizens, the working poor, and children in need.

A kind, curious, genuinely accepting and intelligent person, Kitty was committed to justice, equity and human rights. Quick to ask—“What do you need me to do?”—Kitty believed in doing: giving service to others, helping the advancement of women’s rights, the well being of men, women and children, health care, and the challenges that face our older generation. Her progressive activism was always expressed with sincerity and warmth. She encouraged us to get involved in important activities that make a difference to our world as well as the personal insights worth sharing—and she encouraged us to listen, talk, learn and do. 
NCJW Utah (Kitty, Rochelle, Freida, and Robyn)

 NCJW Utah (Kitty, Rochelle, Freida, and Robyn): We’ve Got Your Back

Variety of NCJW Utah images
Variety of NCJW Utah images