2021 Shalom Salaam Tikkun-Olam Community Service Program

2021-sstoThanks to the generosity of so many, there were new winter coats for everyone who wanted them. After the students made their selections, their items were bagged up and labeled.


At the end of the day West high teachers generously donated their time to deliver the gifts to their students homes.

2021 sstoCoats galore!

Lots of new coats for everyone from babies to grandmas.

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One women made a dozen or more handmade unique quilts for the students to take home. A true labor of love.
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Backpacks filled with school supplies, books and crayons.
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It was really great that students got to make their own selections.

A new feature was a gift dresser filled with jewelry, scarfs, candles, games and clutches. The students were so excited to take home gift items for their parents, grandparents and siblings.

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Hygiene kits, cleaning products galore.

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Students got to pick out gifts for their younger siblings. 2021 ssto2021 ssto